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(Photo courtesy of Todd C. Walker)

I have come to the realization that my personal taste in music (as well as most other things) does not fall in line with that of the public in general. I appreciate the talent of a Michael Jackson or an Elvis Presley, but the only king that I recognize is the one that resides on my chess board. I also demure from usage (or acceptance) of the word ""genius"" when reference is being made to an artist or entertainer (athlete, novelist, statesman etc.)

I laud anyone who creates art (entertainment) from their very own personal experience, as opposed to one who blatantly mimics that which is ""popular."" I do not feel that creativity alone makes for great art. But I do feel that we each have the right, and the obligation to ourselves, to decide what we, and we alone, feel is great art. If you want to use the word ""genius"" in reference to your personal favorite(s), just keep it to yourself; where it belongs.

That brings me to me. I create. The acoustic piano is my tool of choice. But I do enjoy electronics, midi, synths, samples etc. I love the sound of a jangly guitar or the subtlety of a Zappa-esque electric guitar solo. When not sitting at my baby grand, I revel in the opportunity to make music with my long-time friends Jay (Graboski) and David (Reeve) as OHO, in the sacred tradition of that formidable, Baltimore-area musical entity.

My solo, recorded catalog now numbers an even ten, all of which releases are available at cdbaby.com. My website, which you are so kindly viewing now, is rayjozwiak.com and for all things OHO, ohomusic.com

Please Email me with comments, suggestions, thoughts etc. I would love to hear from you, or sign the Guest Book

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