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(Photo courtesy of Todd C. Walker)
I have been playing


for a long, long time and remember rather
well when the Beatles became popular in America. My first records being 45 and 78rpm wonders that would probably be
worth a fortune now, were until then cartoon theme songs, childrens novelty tunes or inexpensive cutouts that my
mother found during shopping sprees. But then the Beatles (of whom my Polish great uncle and myself were equally
knowledgeable-meaning NOT MUCH) took the country by storm. When my mother bought me the SHE LOVES YOU and
I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND singles, THAT was really my first serious step into music. But the strange marriage of
the Beatles (and other circa 1964 top-forty) and cartoon themes, childrens novelty songs and cutouts ALL stuck with me.
And my approach to and absorption of music has been that way ever since.

Conventional music lessons began as a result of a telephone solicitation received at our home from a young entrepreneur
who was opening an "Accordion Studio" in the neighborhood. Being of good, solid Polish stock, the accordion seemed to
be a good match for me. But not only did I thoroughly enjoy playing polkas, obereks and waltzes, I also learned some
international folk music and some classics (the early stages of World Music, you see) and learned to play many of the
current pop tunes by ear. This was to be my modus operandi for the next 40 years.

After many youthful years of playing in 'bands' (or some gathering of schoolhood chums beating on lunch boxes or blowing
grimy kazoos) I joined a 'combo' during high school to provide a 'Mix' (Yes, we originated that TOO!) of music for wedding
receptions, social club dances and American Legion affairs. Invaluable experience it was also; if not musically, at least
in social pheonomena. After 5 glorious years, I quit the band and quietly settled down, purchasing a piano shortly afterward
and beginning the current stage of my musical development. I was writing 'Pop' songs (music and lyrics) and marketing them
to performers for my first, boss, hit-bound single.

Meantime, my sons suggested I play my

original compositions


solo piano

like I did everyday in the living room,
and market THAT. So that's exactly what I began doing, and intend to continue doing forever and ever, Amen.

AND. . . for the last couple of years, I have been working with founders of the Baltimore icon prog-band OHO (and former members of Ful Treatment) for a present-day OHO power trio crankin' out OHO classics, new material and selected 'covers' when live for your aural stimulation. Check it out at http://www.ohomusic.com

Please Email me with comments, suggestions, thoughts etc. I would love to hear from you.

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